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What started as a way to get some Christmas photos of my kids on a cold day has turned in to something really exciting. I showed my FACES project to a couple friends, and they FLIPPED OUT: they had to have one of their own kids. I spend a few minutes with each person in your family. We talk, joke, and I capture those unique expressions that make you, YOU. You get a beautiful, BIG canvas print of several faces of your loved ones. These sessions are also GREAT for headshots, social media profiles, etc. So contact us today to […]

Lesniewski Family

So Phillip says to me, “I’d like to use my 1978 Suburban for our family photo session.” Yes, please. Each one of these people are as beautiful inside as they are outside. Such a joy to spend time with them!


Cheryl Eve Acosta – Kansas City Artist

Cheryl Eve Acosta is an incredibly talented sculptural jewelry designer in Kansas City. She just happens to be my former studio-mate. Her work is amazing, and after spending some time documenting her process, I have even more respect for the work that goes into each creation! You can check out more about Cheryl at her web site.