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Laura & Zach – Engaged

Laura and Zach were in town for some wedding planning, so we got together to hang out at Union Station. Can’t wait for their wedding this summer!

Brooke & Gus – Engaged

Brooke & Gus were in town for one of our fantastic weekends, so we took advantage of the beautiful weather to head out to KU for their engagement session. Gus played baseball at KU, so naturally we HAD to head out to the baseball stadium!  

Danny & Morgan – Engaged

Danny & Morgan are getting married. Soon! We had a great time hanging out at Morgan’s parents’ house. Can’t WAIT for their big day in just over a month.  

Sarah and Marc – Engaged

I got the pleasure of meeting Sarah a year or so ago when we invaded my neighbor’s book binding place for our location. At the time, she was running her business, Preston Paper from Dallas. She has moved to KC, and she and are going to get married next spring! We had a fantastic time at Marc’s business north of the river — so many cool places to shoot. Congrats guys!     Nikon F100 | Kodak Ektar

Trisha & Hayden’s Engagement Session

Trisha and Hayden are getting married. Soon! We spent some time at the park with their dogs and even got in trouble with the park ranger. That’s good luck for their marriage, right?

Rachel & Denis – Engaged

Rachel & Denis are from NYC. They were in town for the weekend, so we shot their engagement session the other day. It was awesome! After meeting up at the Prairie Room (they’re getting married at the new place!), I showed them around 18th & Vine. I can’t wait until their wedding this fall!  

Bill & Judi – Engaged

True story. My wife and I went to school together at KU. It’s where we met. We used to walk from the dorms to campus together. Along the way, we would often stop for a second to marvel at this absolutely beautiful house. 15 years later, Bill & Judi decided that we should start their engagement session at their friends’ house…they’re finishing up renovations and it’s just beautiful. Take a guess where that house just happened to be? Small world, eh? Judi just got into town, so we shot their session last week…just a week and a half before their […]

Chelsea & Kevin – Engaged

So you know a couple is the right fit for me when the groom-to-be asks if we could go to one of Lawrence’s brick streets to try an homage to the cover of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. Umm…yeah!

Bethany & Jason – Engaged

Bethany and Jason have friends in high places — specifically the roof of the Western Auto building. What a view! Can’t wait for their wedding, and I don’t have to since it’s just a couple weeks away!

Hollie & Adam & Grinders

One of Hollie & Adam’s favorite Crossroads locations is Grinders. We elected to avoid the Grinders crowds when we shot their First Friday engagement session, so we went back for tots, pizza, and some giggles. Dang these two are so rockin cool. Can’t wait until their wedding next year!

Chelsie & Chris are Engaged

We had some beautiful weather and an awesome sunse the otehr day for Chelsie & Chris’ engagement session. And it ended up in a swim. In the fountain.

Jen & Jay’s Carnival Engagement

Jen & Jay REALLY have fun with each other. We spent some time at Old Settler’s Days in Olathe. We had all kinds of fun on the slide, carousel, frog toss, skee ball…then the skies opened up. We got soaked. It was awesome.

Hollie & Adam

Hollie & Adam love First Fridays in the Crossroads. So OF COURSE we had to shoot their engagement session during a First Friday. We had so much fun wandering through the crowds. I love unique engagement shoots!

Amber & Steve’s Engagement Session

Amber & Steve are getting married in just a few weeks! We headed down to the park and had some fun with the happy couple and their 5 kids. This wedding is going to be a blast!

Gabe & Malachi’s Images

My boys, Gabe and Malachi came out for Aunt Kate and Uncle-Elect Orion’s engagement session. Now, you must keep in mind I’m TERRIBLY biased about these boys of mine. AND I tend to over-analyze things, especially photography. But…I think these are pretty dang good for $1 plastic cameras shot by a 2 year old and a 4 year old. I find it interesting that Gabe (4) tends toward portrait shooting while Malachi (2) seems to be our PJ shooter. Gabe’s images: Malachi’s images: