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Kate & Orion Are Engaged!

s My baby sister is getting MARRIED! I am so happy for her and Orion. They’re both such wonderful people, and I’m so excited to welcome Orion to the circus that is our family. Since they’re getting married in January, they wanted to get some photos ASAP for their Save-The-Date cards. So we headed out to Lawrence for dinner at Local Burger then to the KU campus for a few shots. My sister had an AWESOME idea for a concept image for the cards, so we ran with it. Those images aren’t in this post, you’ll have to wait for […]

Darin & Heidi are Engaged

I’ve been wanting to shoot an engagement session at a carnival for quite some time. And this year I found TWO awesome couples who wanted to take me up on it. First up are Darin and Heidi. These two are getting married next week! We headed down to the Johnson County fair and had an awesome time.

Leah & Andy

More awesomely fun Crossroads engagement photos. I love sessions like this, because the 90+ degrees is about the opposite of what the weather will be like on Leah & Andy’s mid-December wedding day. Can’t wait!

Kelly & Ryan are Engaged

It was a little warm, but we got some sweet sun light near sunset for Kelly & Ryan’s engagement session in the Crossroads the other day. And how freakin’ sweet are these outfits?

Lara & Vince – Engaged

mmmm….loving the nice weather! Lara, Vince and I went for a little hike on this beautiful trail by their house in OP. Their wedding is just around the corner, can’t wait!

Amy & Bryan – Engaged!

You gotta admit…It’s pretty cool that I can say “Hey, let’s go under this grungy, dirty highway overpass to create portraits of you that show how much you love each other”. And have my awesome clients say, “Sounds great!” Can’t wait for Amy & Bryan’s wedding this June! Oh yeah, and how freakin’ cool is that ring?

Laura & Ryan’s Engagement

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a fan of the bitter cold that we had here in KC for a few weeks. So it was REALLY great to get out yesterday with Laura & Ryan in the balmy 45 degrees! We had a blast in the Crossroads and checking out the Plaza lights during their last week for the season.

Lindsey & Evan are Engaged!

I love shooting at night! We got an awesome sunset last week for Evan & Lindsey’s engagement session, then we had some more fun running around the Crossroads in the dark.

Amanda & Stephen are Engaged!

Amanda and Stephen were in town this past weekend so we got together for some Crossroads district engagement photos. We had a great time, and it wasn’t too cold. The sun was just starting to set, so we got some great golden light. Can’t wait for their (day before) Valentine’s Day wedding!

Jill and Joe – Engaged

Jill and Joe are having their rehearsal dinner at the Boulevard Brewery. So they asked if we could shoot their engagement session there. So Boulevard said yes. So I said yeah!

Jessica and Jason – Engaged

We had a dark, cloudy day for Jessica and Jason’s engagement session. So naturally we had a blast! We spent time at the Kauffman Foundation park and the Crossroads District. Can’t wait for their wedding next May!

Jessie & Chris – Engaged

Jessie and Chris had some great ideas for the engagement session, and they turned out to be some awesome images. It’s like I went to an engagement session and ended up with a concept shoot. So rockin! And you JUST CAN’T GO WRONG when superheroes are involved.

Jamie & Evan

Evan and Jamie asked if we could shoot their engagement session at a vineyard where they spend a lot of time. uh…YEAH!

Tamera & Matthew’s Engagement Session

So Tamera and Matthew are doing the long-distance “thing.” They don’t get many weekends together, so spending Friday morning with them last week was pretty cool. I’ve been wanting to shoot at the old Lawrence train station (we used to pick up my grandma from there in the middle of the night when she came to visit). And you can’t beat the Lawrence sign on top of the station. We headed to the KU campus to finish up our shoot, and I had an AWESOME idea. Tamera and Matthew agreed on the awesomeness of my epiphany, so I’ll be sharing […]