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Mike and I (you’ll see a LOT more of Mike in a few months when I unveil his epic studio recording documentary project) have been trying since February to get together for a documentary session with his family. We finally got it in just a few weeks before Cole heads to Baylor. We made (so, so yummy) pizza, played some Farkel, laughed a lot, and generally had a great time. If my kids end up like these three are when they hit their teen years, I’ll definitely call it a success.

Clark Family

I might have more photos of the Clark kids than I do of my own kids. OK, not really…but I have had the honor of photographing all three of these awesome kids since they were each born. We spent some time playing at the Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center and shot some film while we were there.


What started as a way to get some Christmas photos of my kids on a cold day has turned in to something really exciting. I showed my FACES project to a couple friends, and they FLIPPED OUT: they had to have one of their own kids. I spend a few minutes with each person in your family. We talk, joke, and I capture those unique expressions that make you, YOU. You get a beautiful, BIG canvas print of several faces of your loved ones. These sessions are also GREAT for headshots, social media profiles, etc. So contact us today to […]

Lesniewski Family

So Phillip says to me, “I’d like to use my 1978 Suburban for our family photo session.” Yes, please. Each one of these people are as beautiful inside as they are outside. Such a joy to spend time with them!

Nigro Family – Pumpkin Carving In Lawrence, Kansas

So what do you do on your family documentary session day when it falls a couple days before Halloween? You carve, pumpkins, of course! **(Wait a minute! There are color photos in this post! I thought you were mister-black-and-white-only!) The temperamental artist reserves the right to change his mind from time to time.

Baby Finley!

I’ve been really fortunate lately…Lots of newborn sessions. This one was particularly special, since it is my NIECE! Finley joined her big brother (and her three boy cousins). We’re all so so excited to finally meet her. She’s super sweet, of course. So happy for my brother and sis-in-law. It’s totally weird and awesome for our extended family to have its first baby GIRL!  

H’s Birth Documentary

I’ve been wanting to document a birth for a while. After a recent (incredible) workshop experience, I knew I was ready. After coaching my wife through her three births, I already knew that the emotion present at a baby’s welcoming is pretty much unrivaled. Jessie and Chris were kind and open enough to allow me to accompany them as they gave birth for the first time. I’ll let the images do the rest of the talking.  

Jessie & Chris – Maternity

Jessie & Chris are having a baby! A couple years ago, I was honored to photograph their wedding, and now I get to spend the next year photographing their baby. I can’t wait!   

Jonathan, Christin, Daisy, and Family

I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since Jonathan and Christin’s wedding! We got together a few days ago for some fun portraits of Jonathan, Christin, and their amazing dog Daisy. Mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law came along for the fun too!

Jason, Joie, and B

Look what I got to do over Thanksgiving. Welcomed dear, dear friends to our home for the holiday. FINALLY got to make their family portrait. Been wanting to do that for a LONG time.