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Last show of the season at the Imago

My AMAZINGLY talented wife along with our dear and likewise gifted friend, Macklen Mayse, are showing at my gallery tomorrow for our final First Friday this season. The contrasting bodies of work make for an intriguing whole. It’s going to be beautiful on Friday evening, so come on out and see art and support local artists!

Next Friday at the Imago

Yup, it’s that time again. First Friday is next week! This will be our last opening for the season, so everyone needs to come out and see the AMAZING textile work of Jennifer Schmitz. Yup, that’s THE Jennifer Schmitz, as in my beautiful wife. Let’s send out the 2009 gallery season in style!

Upcoming at the Imago

We have some great shows coming up at the Imago. This Friday, our guest artist will be Ben Palmer. Be sure to come out and check out Ben’s amazing work. I can’t wait to see his entire show this time. On September 4, the Imago will host a group show of “un-” or “anti-” bridal portraits. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll just have to come check out the show to see. Photographers: we still have  a couple slots open for this show. If you’d like to be considered, email me a few images of your most […]

What You Missed at the Imago Last Night

For the uninitiated, the Imago is my Crossroads District gallery at my studio. We open for First Fridays during the warm months, and last night was our first show of the year. Our friends from my alma mater, Olathe North High School, showed off some of their exceptionally inspired work to a great crowd. One of their artists also happens to be the very talented culinary artist, Tony Bien, and he created the awesome piece below. It was a really cool surprise for me. Next month my friend Jason will have a solo show (May 1), so be sure to […]

Late Notice

I know this is late notice, but you should all come out to our show at the Imago tonight. This month’s First Friday show is several artist (including me, my wife, and our 2 year old son) who spent 30 days carrying our Holga, Diana, and other Lomo cameras with us. The show looks really good, there’s a great variety of work.

New Floor!

I’m very excited about this…We spent New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day installing a new floor in the studio! I think it really helps to create the warm, inviting atmosphere we’re trying to create for our clients. My father-in-law came up form Houston to help install this completely floating masterpiece. He’s an engineer and it looks 10 times better than if I had tried to tackle it alone.