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14 years ago today, I married my best friend. I knew she was pretty great, but I had no idea whom she would turn out to be. I’ve never seen anyone give of herself more than Jennifer. Someday, our kids will GET IT: just how much she has given to them. She endlessly  teaches, plays, encourages, comforts, cares, and loves them. Endlessly. Oh yeah, and she does the same for me. I spent  last year trying to get a new business off the ground. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and I’ll always be. The business didn’t work. Forces beyond our […]


We sent our oldest son to his first day of Kindergarten this week. I wonder if I was the only dad who lay awake the night before wondering about the ideal focal length to capture his first day of school. Surely other parents found other ways to avoid thinking of sending their babies out into the world.

Canaan is 6 months old!

I know every parent says it…but I just can’t believe our baby is 6 months old! (BTW, that means you only have 6 months until Christmas day)

year long project

I haven’t mentioned this to many people…but I stole an idea from my friend Josh and made it my own. Josh has shot one photo of each of his kids every day for their first year. I have been shooting one instant photo (Polaroid cameras but Fuji, Polaroid, and Impossible film) of Canaan every day since he was born on Christmas day. Just felt like sharing one image from this week:

The Doctor Becomes the Patient

You know that episode of every hospital drama where the doctor becomes the patient? He gets sick, and is suddenly on the opposite side of the stethoscope. Since I started my career as a photographer, I have done my best to document my family, and that includes once-per-year sessions with other photographers to make sure we capture images of all of us together. But with the birth of our third child, we decided to invite a dear friend of ours to document our home birth. I figured Josh would capture some great images, ones that we would appreciate, and would […]

The Latest Schmitzlet is on His/Her Way

Sometime in the next few weeks, a new Schmitzlet (thanks to our friend Joie for the name) will be joining us. We spent some precious time away from our existing kiddos to create these maternity portraits of my beautiful wife. My friend and collaborator, Katie, styled Jennifer’s hair and makeup…doesn’t she look awesome?!?

Malachi’s first “Every Friday”

Gabe and I have done what we call “Every Friday” not quite every Friday for a while. This year, he’s in school on Fridays, so we decided that perhaps it’s Malachi’s turn to come to work with dad on Fridays.

Equal Time

Even though Malachi goes to Parent’s Day Out instead of preschool, he DID have a first day of school yesterday.

A Couple From Last Weekend

I really can’t get over how awesome the new PX70 Color Shade instant film is. The Impossible Project folks have outdone themselves. Here’s am awesome house that I liked and an awesomer son whom I like even more.

Gabe & Malachi’s Images

My boys, Gabe and Malachi came out for Aunt Kate and Uncle-Elect Orion’s engagement session. Now, you must keep in mind I’m TERRIBLY biased about these boys of mine. AND I tend to over-analyze things, especially photography. But…I think these are pretty dang good for $1 plastic cameras shot by a 2 year old and a 4 year old. I find it interesting that Gabe (4) tends toward portrait shooting while Malachi (2) seems to be our PJ shooter. Gabe’s images: Malachi’s images:

Gabe & Malachi & My Bronica

I just got back some expired Kodak 400TN from the lab that I shot with my Bronica ETRS 645 camera. Got some cool stuff of my kids at home and at our FAVORITE burger place, Localburger. (And a bonus shot of my friend Andy).

July 4th – Digital Night

…And on Sunday night, we finally got to go check out the fireworks show in Lawrence. Our friend (and my sister’s boyfriend) Orion is one of the guys with the license to shoot professional fireworks. He does so each year for the big show. He got us in to watch the show from seats that were BY FAR the closest I’ve ever been to pro fireworks. I carried up my 50mm and 85mm lens, and they were both too long, as most of the explosions happened about 20 feet RIGHT ABOVE our heads. It was UNREAL. All the aerial shots […]

July 4th – Analog Day

Here’s the first of two posts from our July Fourth weekend. This is the first Independence Day I have had off in 3 years. I tried to make the most of it. On Sunday afternoon, My oldest (Gabe) and I went on a photo expedition. My challenge was to shoot one pack of Fuji FP-100C in my Polaroid 600SE. No more, no less. Gabe took his Kodak 110, but didn’t shoot with it. He decided instead to use his Crayola digital camera. Here are my Polaroids (in order): And here are Gabe’s digital images (he will be 4 next week) […]


This is why I work for myself. My wife and boys went to the soccer field this morning to launch our model rocket. I should have been at work, but this was MUCH more fun. And no, I did not let my 4 year old stand that close to the rocket when we launched it.