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A New [to me] Technique

During our summer trip through Texas, I shot a bit of a series of road-side signs. Texas has these..well..Texas sized signs advertising everything along the side of the highways. I’ve been planning on trying this technique for a while, and finally did so this morning. It turned out better than I even expected. You take the negative (the part you’re supposed to throw away) from a Fuji FP-100c image, let it dry completely, then bleach off the black backing. I used Softscrub with bleach. It’s a caustic, smelly process, but oh so worth it. These images are straight off the […]

W’s Newborn Polaroids

First the photo nerd stuff. I had pretty much given up on Impossible’s Silver Shade films when they released the new Color Shade material. The SS is very tempermental, especially when it comes to warm ambient temperatures. But I knew today I would be shooting inside, so I grabbed a pack of PX 600 SS (v.05) on my way out the door, and I’m so glad I did. I LOVE the way babies look on Silver Shade. (These images were all shot with a Polaroid SLR 680 SE) Now…I present a few instant film images of 1-week-old W. HOW FREAKING […]

Digital Harinezumi

So please excuse (or enjoy) this post with both a video of my kid and a photo geek-out — the video is super 8 film-like from my new Digital Hainezumi. Malachi is walking from Stacey Schmitz on Vimeo.

A Moment for the Photo-Geeks

I got some new RadioPopper PX’s to replace my old P1’s the other day. Gabe agreed to model for me. This was shot in our living room in the middle of the day with tons of light streaming in through the windows.


I generally don’t write much on this blog, seein’ as how it’s a photo blog and all. But I need to deviate a bit today… I posted a while back I was going to host Zack Arias and his OneLight Workshop in September. Well, the workshop week finally came last week. 13 other photographers and I spent the day last Wednesday (and I mean ENTIRE day — 9am – midnight) learning how Zack makes some of the most AMAZING portraits using just one light. I’ve been trying to work some of these techniques into my shooting for the past year […]