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Rachel & Denis’ Instant Photographs

I don’t even know what to say about the unbelievable weekend that was Denis & Rachel’s wedding. So I won’t. Yet. Here are some Polaroids to get you by. Polaroid 600 SE | Polaroid Chocolate film   Polaroid 600 SE | Fuji FP-3000b film   Polaroid 600 SE | Polaroid Blue film Polaroid 680 SE | Impossible PX600 UV Silvershade Poor Pod film  

year long project

I haven’t mentioned this to many people…but I stole an idea from my friend Josh and made it my own. Josh has shot one photo of each of his kids every day for their first year. I have been shooting one instant photo (Polaroid cameras but Fuji, Polaroid, and Impossible film) of Canaan every day since he was born on Christmas day. Just felt like sharing one image from this week:

Chelsea & Kevin’s Film

I waited a week to post film from Chelsea & Kevin’s wedding since I shot a roll of X-Pro and wanted to post it along with the instant photos. We had tons of fun wandering around town between their ceremony and reception. Here are a few analog shots! Impossible PX600 Black Frame – Polaroid 680SE Lomography X-Pro 120 – Mamiya 645 AFD (Cross-Processed)

Jen & Jason’s Polaroids

So much more to come, but here are some Polaroid & Impossible instant photos to tide you over. Polaroid 680SE, Impossible PX680 beta film Polaroid 680SE, Impossible PX600 2nd edition Polaroid 680SE, Impossible PX600 UV+, Black Frame

Hollie & Adam’s Polaroids

Some Polaroid and Impossible instant photos from this weekend! Congratulations to Hollie & Adam! Impossible PX680 Beta in a Polaroid 680SE Polaroid Type 100 Blue and Sepia in a Polaroid 600SE

J’s 1-Year Polaroids

I can’t believe that J is 1! He is the youngest of one of my FAVORITE families. So cute you want to just squeeze him 🙂 More to come of course. Impossible PZ 600 film in a Spectra AF camera. Polaroid Chocolate 100 film in a Polaroid 350 Land Camera. This film didn’t produce the stark monochrome contrast I was expecting, but is definitely a unique material. Expired Image edge cut film in a Spectra SE

Equal Time

Even though Malachi goes to Parent’s Day Out instead of preschool, he DID have a first day of school yesterday.

A New [to me] Technique

During our summer trip through Texas, I shot a bit of a series of road-side signs. Texas has these..well..Texas sized signs advertising everything along the side of the highways. I’ve been planning on trying this technique for a while, and finally did so this morning. It turned out better than I even expected. You take the negative (the part you’re supposed to throw away) from a Fuji FP-100c image, let it dry completely, then bleach off the black backing. I used Softscrub with bleach. It’s a caustic, smelly process, but oh so worth it. These images are straight off the […]

Chris & Jessie’s Polaroids

Maria and I had the amazing honor of photographing Chris & Jessie’s wedding this weekend at the fantastic Magnolia Hotel in Omaha, Nebraska. As usual, there is much more to come, but this time around I went a little crazy on the Polaroids. Here is actually a fairly small sample of the instant images I created this weekend. My favorite 100 type film, expired Polaroid Blue. Polaroid 600 SE with 75mm and 127mm lenses. Expired Image film, Spectra SE camera. The Sonar autofocus is awesome, it uses sound waves, so it can focus in complete darkness. Sweet on the dance […]

W’s Newborn Polaroids

First the photo nerd stuff. I had pretty much given up on Impossible’s Silver Shade films when they released the new Color Shade material. The SS is very tempermental, especially when it comes to warm ambient temperatures. But I knew today I would be shooting inside, so I grabbed a pack of PX 600 SS (v.05) on my way out the door, and I’m so glad I did. I LOVE the way babies look on Silver Shade. (These images were all shot with a Polaroid SLR 680 SE) Now…I present a few instant film images of 1-week-old W. HOW FREAKING […]

A Couple From Last Weekend

I really can’t get over how awesome the new PX70 Color Shade instant film is. The Impossible Project folks have outdone themselves. Here’s am awesome house that I liked and an awesomer son whom I like even more.

Ryan & Kelly’s Polaroids

We got a *LITTLE* reprieve from the insane heat for Ryan & Kelly’s wedding yesterday. More to come of course, but here are some Polaroids! This was my first wedding to try out the new PX70 Color Shade film from Impossible. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I am completely obsessed with this new film. Images from this film get better after 24-48 hours, but I just couldn’t wait to post them! These images were shot with my Polaroid SX-70 Alpha Executive Edition.

Ian and Cara’s Polaroids

This was such a special wedding. I’m going to keep you in suspense until the full post to tell you why, but here are some Polaroids from last weekend. I headed down to San Antonio for Ian and Cara’s beautiful, intimate wedding on the famous Riverwalk. I also took the opportunity to shoot my first pack of Polaroid Blue 100 film, and ohmygosh I am in love with this material. (Shot again with my Mamiya/Polaroid 600 SE).

Amy & Bryan’s Polaroids

There’s much more to come, of course, but here are a few Polariods from Amy & Bryan’s awesome, awesome day! For the photo-nerds: the first image is from an SX-70 Sonar, the rest are from my new (to me) 600 SE.


This is why I work for myself. My wife and boys went to the soccer field this morning to launch our model rocket. I should have been at work, but this was MUCH more fun. And no, I did not let my 4 year old stand that close to the rocket when we launched it.