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Bethany & Jason’s Bridal Session

Bethany and Jason came to me with an idea for their bridal session…and I LOVED it. It’s so great when couples bring ideas for their session. Bethany played softball in college, and Jason is a big baseball fan. So naturally, we had to shoot them having fun playing ball! So wedding dresses don’t provide much friction when going down a slide, so Bethany traveled a little faster than she anticipated and knocked me over at about 50 MPH. It was awesome!

Holly & Gordie

Holly & Gordie didn’t let the rain on their wedding day get them down! They had a beautiful ceremony at Our Lady of Good Counsel, then a super fun (yes, I said SUPER FUN) reception at the Cadillac Room. Their band was awesome! Luckily, we were already planning on a post-wedding portrait session a couple days later, so we still got some great images of just the two of them on a beautiful day.

Ann & Erica’s Bridal Session

So here’s the last chapter in the totally awesome story of two life-long best friends getting married. I got the total honor of getting to capture Erica and Jimmy’s engagement session, their wedding, and Ann & Brett’s engagement session and wedding too. These two families are all such fun, amazing, sweet people…I’m going to miss getting to see them! So. Erica was leaving to head back to San Diego the day after Ann and Brett’s wedding…so we NEEDED to do a bridal session that day with both of them, right? They even let me bring out the VW.

Jennifer’s Bridal Session

Check out Jennifer! We shot these a few weeks before her wedding, but I didn’t post them to make sure the lucky groom didn’t see her until she walked down the aisle. Photo nerd alert: the first image is from a Holga, and there’s some Lensbaby shots mixed in here. Fun stuff in the studio!

Katelyn’s Un-Bridal

I’m sure you remember the uber-sweet wedding of Katelyn and Hyler from a few weeks ago. Well I got to have more fun with Katelyn last week in Springfield. It’s always fun to see the looks you get from passers-by when you’re wandering around alleys and streets taking photographs of a bride on a Tuesday afternoon.

Jenny’s After-Bridal Session

I’m not sure what to call the after-your-wedding-not-afraid-to-get-the-dress-dirty bridal sessions, other than FREAKING FUN! Jenny and I had a blast running around the farm at Stony Point Hall. Russ & Lucretia were super helpful, thank you! Jenny was awesome as usual, and not afraid to climb around in her dress. The few dozen chigger bites I got were totally worth it. I loved this first shot so much that I used it on a new card I had printed up for this weekend’s Bridal Spectacular show. Thanks so much to everyone we met at the show, it was great to […]