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Cheryl Eve Acosta – Kansas City Artist

Cheryl Eve Acosta is an incredibly talented sculptural jewelry designer in Kansas City. She just happens to be my former studio-mate. Her work is amazing, and after spending some time documenting her process, I have even more respect for the work that goes into each creation! You can check out more about Cheryl at her web site.

A Very Maria Christmas

Maria is my incredibly talented associate photographer. She has shot just about every wedding with me for the past couple years. This year she had a concept for her own Christmas cards, so we spent some time making a big snow-sequin mess of my studio last week. Doesn’t she look awesome??

Nigro Family

I think we went more than two years between our last photo session with these friends, and that’s WAY too long! We won’t let that happen again.

Ann & Brett’s Engagement Session

I’m seeing a lot of Ann & Brett these days…We shot their engagement session at Shawnee Misison Park last week (no ticks, yeah!). And Ann was the maid of honor this past weekend in her best friend Erica’s wedding (wedding photos to come, of course). Less than three weeks to Ann & Brett’s big day!

Micah and Jessica’s Engagement Session

Awesome location + awesome couple + trying to offroad my Pontiac Vibe + beautiful sunset = a VERY cool engagement session! (even though I’m STILL itching from the dozens of tick bites I got!) Yep, you guessed it. The Digital Harinezumi strikes again!

G is 5 months!

And the blog posts just keep on coming…Up next is ADOREABLE G. He looks JUST LIKE his big brother.

Please bear with me

Please bear with me as I am currently moving my web site and blog to a new web host. We’ve got some REALLY great things about which I’m REALLY excited planned for just after the first of the year, and this is one of our first steps.