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Chris & Jessie’s Polaroids

Maria and I had the amazing honor of photographing Chris & Jessie’s wedding this weekend at the fantastic Magnolia Hotel in Omaha, Nebraska. As usual, there is much more to come, but this time around I went a little crazy on the Polaroids. Here is actually a fairly small sample of the instant images I created this weekend.

My favorite 100 type film, expired Polaroid Blue. Polaroid 600 SE with 75mm and 127mm lenses.

Expired Image film, Spectra SE camera. The Sonar autofocus is awesome, it uses sound waves, so it can focus in complete darkness. Sweet on the dance floor.

Fujifilm FP-100b and FP-3000b fresh film in a Polaroid 600 SE.

DJ Sike was un.be.lievable!

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