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King Family – Snow Day Documentary Photography

It was totally Linda’s idea to shoot in the massive snow we got here in Kansas City last week. So much fun!

20140208-King-1020 20140208-King-1024 20140208-King-1036 20140208-King-1039 20140208-King-1044 20140208-King-1053 20140208-King-1059 20140208-King-1068 20140208-King-1071 20140208-King-1078 20140208-King-1103 20140208-King-1124 20140208-King-1131 20140208-King-1139 20140208-King-1150 20140208-King-1063 20140208-King-1076 20140208-King-1098 20140208-King-1111 20140208-King-1138

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